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Welcome to DSLR ROCKS. DSLR ROCKS is a rocking online platform with simple tips and tricks to help digital SLR camera owners get the most out of their cameras. The website mainly focuses on providing it’s user with basics of photography and how to make most of digital cameras. It also provides occasional reviews on degital cameras and other related stuff.

My name is Jason Nowak and I’m the guy behind DSLR ROCKS. Surely a digital photography enthusiast and while it’s not how I make my living but I’m the one among my friends and family that always seems to photograph the special occasions. I’m still learning and improving my photography but like to share what I’ve learned so far.

Some of you who are advanced digital camera users might find some of what is written on this site a little basic, but it’s the new to semi experienced digital camera owner that this site is aimed at. Having said this, even experienced users have already told me that reading the tips have been helpful in inspiring them and reminding them of lessons once learned.

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