Photography tricks and guidelines for beginners

The very basics of photography lie on the camera setting but the real art of photography lies in the composition. Simply we can say, composition is the way in which elements are arranged in an image. Composition includes all the elements in a photo and not just the primary subject.

For all the good that rules do in photography, they have the ugly side-effect of stifling freedom and individual creativity.  And what is photography? A way to express creativity and artistic freedom. So, there shouldn’t be any “rules”!

In order to develop a good understanding of how photographic composition works, let’s take a look at some of the basic rules or rather we can say guidelines of composition for learning photography.

1. The One-third rule:

Avoid placing your subject at the center of your frame.Iin these kind of situation if you  use center focusing point, then you may end up placing our subject at the horizontal center of the frame.

That will include a lot of black foreground and will spoil the picture.

Basic tricks for beginners for photography
Courtesy: Sudhir Shivaram

2. Viewpoint:

Viewpoint can dramatically change the mood of a photograph or can also change the viewer’s perception of an object’s size.

To emphasize the height of a tree, for example, shoot it from below, looking up. To make something seem smaller, shoot it from above, looking down

Viewpoint isn’t just limited to high, low and eye-level of course – you can also radically change the perception of an object by shooting it from a distance or from close up.Basic tricks for beginners for photography

3. Color:

 Use of color can dramatically change a viewer’s perception of an image. Cool colors (blues and greens) can make your viewer feel calm, tranquil or at peace.Reds and yellows can invoke feelings of happiness, excitement and optimism. A sudden spot of bright color on an otherwise monochromatic background can provide a strong focal point.

Basic tricks for beginners for photography2

4. Background:

 Background is one of the important aspects of photography. If the background is busy and doesn’t add anything to your composition, try using a wider aperture so those distracting elements will become a non-descript blur.

Basic tricks for beginners for photography3

5. Texture:

 Texture is another way of creating dimension in a photograph. By zooming in on a textured surface – even a flat one – you can make it seem as if your photograph lives in three dimensions.

Basic tricks for beginners for photography4

6. Leaving Space:

 This rule of photography incorporates two very similar ideas: breathing room and implied movement. To make your subject comfortable, you need to give him a bigger box that allows him some visual freedom and/or freedom of movement.

If your subject is looking at something (even something off-camera), make sure there is some space for him to look into.

Basic tricks for beginners for photography5


 Actually, there really is no conclusion to any discussion of photographic rules. Because unlike that “keep out” sign posted in front of the most beautiful part of the forest, the rules of photography aren’t meant to stifle your creativity. They are meant to provide you with guidelines for enhancing it.

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