Professional tips to take great travel photos

Getting perfectly balanced travel photos is always a challenge. Below are some of the tips and tricks that will surely help you to get great pictures in your next trip.

To get Better Balance, brighten the shadows and tone down the highlights

Most photo editing application includes tools to adjust highlights and shadows. By using this tool we can balance the exposure by brightening the shadows and darkening the highlights. We can include some warm hues to outdoor photos to make the result brighter and more even toned.

Better Balance photography

Add vignette and amp up shadows to increase brightness.

Add a hint of vignette and a subtle dark border around the photo, brightening the middle of the image. This slowly guides your audience’s gaze towards the center of your picture. It will create stunning images, grab the attention of your audience and help them rediscover the beauty of photography!


Edit the photo, then go back and reduce your adjustments by 50%

The trick to maintaining the integrity of your photo is to not filter and edit them too heavily. Edit your image as normal then dial back everything to 50%.

Another advice: “Stay away from clarity! Also known as Lux in Instagram.” Clarity and Lux are intended to “fix” underexposure and lack of contrast. But the use of these tools often make images look Editted and Photoshopped.

Put human whenever possible in landscape photography. Landscapes are better with people in them.

“It’s like your living vicariously through the subject … People create a feeling,” Rise said.

Put human whenever possible in landscape photography

Setting your camera on the roof of your car can give some visual interest.

If there are cool cloud formations above, the reflections from your car’s roof can add a lot to your photography.

Cole Rise
Cole Rise

Putting your DSLR camera right to the water’s edge can also create cool reflective effects.

Getting low on the ground can give you more interesting foreground

Grayling High School Art

Bad weather can be used as a great photo weather

Rain and hail are actually great conditions for a good photo! If it’s raining or snowing at night, you can leave your flash on and use Slow Shutter Cam to create streaks.

Overcast days can also mean interesting cloud patterns in the sky, so don’t stay indoors if the weather isn’t stellar.

Bad Weather photography
Danny Santos

The most important thing to do is to “travel further and travel more.”

“Keep hiking. Be the crazy one.” The only way to find beautiful, epic places is to, simply, explore. If you’re visiting a monument, drive away from the tourists. Push yourself to go even further.

Phil Brick

Happy Photography!

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